Philippine Wood component combined with other components like shell, coco, metal and resin to make fashion accessories Shell Boats & Seashell souvenirs Manufacturer Philippines.

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Palmwood teardrop, oval, tube, capsule, saucer and flat round components Natural Wood Components Philippine Products JWC6134 13X20mm Palmwood Teardrop, JWC6138 10X20mm Palmwood Tube, JWC644 12X16mm Palmwood Oval, JWC6137 10X10mm Palmwood Dice, JWC642 10X25mm Palmwood Capsule Side Drill, JWC675 16X8mm Palmwood Saucer, JWC6132 10X6mm Palmwood Bead Wheel, JWD513 7X15X20mm Palmwood Flat Oval, JWC6141 10X15mm Palmwood Twist, JWC676 7X17X28 Palmwood Flat Oval, JWC6134 13X20mm Palmwood Teardrop, JWC641 5-6X30mm Palmwood Flat Round

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Wood Components 




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